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What is the goal and purpose of the California Scholastic Clay Target Program (CASCTP)?

To provide a structured organized program for youth participants up to grade 12 the opportunity to develop and learn shotgun sporting skills in American Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and International Shotgun Games.

To educate and train young athletes in firearm and field safety, ethics and sportsmanship, shooting skills and discipline, leadership and teamwork.

To give young athletes the opportunity to showcase their competitive skills and earn recognition in local, state, national and international shotgun sports venues.

To introduce young athletes to a lifetime sport that the entire family can enjoy.

What if my child has never shot a shotgun or competed in a shooting sport or event before?

The CASCTP will introduce new shooters to shotgun sports in a safe and fun environment under qualified adult supervision. The CASCTP develops the beginner, as well as the experienced shotgun athlete and prepares them for competitions and tournaments at their developed level.

What is needed to participate?

Each CASCTP Club has different requirements. All clubs will require eye and ear protection.

Most new athletes will use club shotguns, rentals shotguns or borrow a shotgun from a relative or friend.

Release forms and some type of registration paperwork.

Proper ammunition.

Comfortable attire and closed toe shoes.

Check with your local program before attending.

Do boys and girls compete against each other?

Yes. Shotgun sports have no limitations. Athlete’s physical characteristics generally make little difference in competition. This is a sport in which focus and concentration are a large part of the game.

Is there a CASCTP Club in my area?

There are over 600 young athletes participating throughout the state. Please check the CASCTP website, for locations near you.

What is the age requirement to participate in the program?

Any Elementary, Junior High or High School student, male or female age 18 or under may participate.

Do athletes need to have their own firearm?

No. Some programs have lender shotguns. Through development athletes should be fit to their shotgun as their skill develops. The shotgun is like equipment in any other sport. A properly fit baseball glove for little league, a golf club for young golfers or bicycle for cyclist. Athletes that eventually have their own shotgun are able to add additional practices and home exercises that improve their overall game.

Are there any expenses tied to the program?

Each CASCTP Club may have some small fee for operating their program.

Athletes that compete in registered competitions or tournaments in their respective shotgun discipline will have state and national association fees that range from $ 7.00 to $ 55.00 per season.

There is the expense of practice; which runs $4.00 - $8.50 per round (25 targets), plus ammunition, which can cost anywhere from $3.60 - $8.50 per box (25 shells).

Most CASCTP Clubs have agreements with their practice fields for reduced rates on specific days. Some CASCTP Clubs have scholarships or offer some sort of fundraising opportunities.

How often is practice?

Each CASCTP Club schedules their practice session.

National guidelines require each CASCTP Club program practice a minimum of six times per season. The six practice sessions must be in the presence of the team coach.

For new participants, at least one parent must attend the first practice session. No parent, no practice.

Practice sessions last anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the CASCTP Club’s number of athletes, space availability and session goals.

How long does the season last?

Each CASCTP Club sets their own practice season and annual schedule around each shotgun disciplines regional, state and national competition or tournament. National SCTP Competitions are normally scheduled sometime in August. Please check with your CASCTP Club Administrator or Coach or the CASCTP website for more information.

Will my athlete be competing against others of the same age and experience?

Yes and No. Yes, they will be competing with others in the same age group.

Rookie Division: Open only to participants in grades 5 and under.

Intermediate Division: Open only to participants in grades 6 through 8.

Jr. Varsity Division: open only to eligible participants in grades 9 through 12 for only a maximum of two (2) SCTP seasons in chosen discipline. Ineligible for Jr. Varsity: Any 9th through 12th grade participant who, since beginning grade 9, was ever a member of a Jr. Varsity or Varsity squad (previously identified as a Sr. Novice or Sr. Experienced squad) in a SCTP National Championship where their squad placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd for chosen discipline.

Varsity Division: open to participants in grades 9 through 12, who are beginning their 3rd or 4th SCTP season while participating in chosen discipline, since beginning grade 9, or to any participant in grades 9 through 12 whishing op compete at an advanced level. Also eligible, are any 9th though 12th grade participant deemed ineligible for the Jr. Varsity Division by their placement of 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a SCTP National Championship for chosen discipline.

No, like in any sport, there are some who through practice and or experience will excel in any sport, shotgun sports are no different and age has no bearing. An athlete in the 5th grade can be just as competitive an athlete in the 12th grade.

My son/daughter play other sports, can they still participate?

Yes. However each team consists of squads or a squad depending on the shotgun sports discipline you are participating in. If an athlete fails to attend practice, team functions, competitions or tournaments it could result in not being selected for a competitive squad. Each CASCTP Club will have different circumstances.

Your program administrator or coach should be aware of potential schedule conflicts with any athlete to ensure the success of the program.

What days are practices held on?

Each CASCTP Club sets their own practice schedule depending on field time and other factors. Please check with your CASCTP Club’s Administrator or coach for a schedule.

What gauge shotgun can be used?

The most commonly used gauge with young shooters in the CASCTP is either 12 or 20 gauge. About 70% shoot 12 gauges.

What type of ammunition is used?

There are several brands of ammunition available. Target loads are best. They generally are 2 3/4 dram equivalents or less and result in less felt recoil. Larger dram sizes found in game loads result in discomfort to young athletes. Each shotgun discipline has their recommended shot size and load recipe. Please check with your coach for their recommendations.

What is the best choke to use?

Each shotgun discipline has different requirements. Please check with your coach for their recommendations.

Can I volunteer or coach?

Yes. Most CASCTP Club’s need volunteer’s! There are many different areas you can help with, from keeping score, doing administrative paperwork, assisting with travel plans, refereeing and more. Complete guidelines for coaching in the CASCTP can be found on the SCTP national website or on the California SCTP website under staff & volunteer’s page.

What if there is no program in my area?

Most shotgun sports facilities are eager to accommodate a new CASCTP Club. The CASCTP State Directors can help with information on running your initial introduction clinic. Please contact your State Director in the discipline you desire to participate in from the CASCTP website

Where can I find more information on shotgun sports?

Shotgun sports enjoy a rich and long history going back almost two hundred years. Many famous personalities participated in shotgun sports including Annie Oakley and President Teddy Roosevelt.

There is a lot of information on the world wide web and at your local library or bookstore.